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Riverside Kennels is currently undergoing major construction. During the month of April we will not be able to provide boarding services for dogs. We are upgrading the dog runs to better serve your beloved pets. Exciting changes are happening and we look forward to showing all of you!!! Thank you for your continued support and we are sorry for the inconvenience. Any questions please feel free to contact us.



Cozy Accommodations

Dog Rooms

Designed to be comfortable and accommodating for your canine, it comes complete with a comfy bed and lost of space for your canine to move around.
Attached to their spacious room is their very own outside dog run attached by a doggie door. Their outside run is heated in the winter time to ensure your pet is comfortable at all times.

Cat Condo’s

Cats can curl up in comfort and privacy in their own Kitty Condo, or felines from the  same family can stay together in Condo’s with connecting sliding doors.

Each kitty gets individual Play time in our spacious free roam room filled with lots of toys a climbing tree, windows to look out of and places to hide and cat nap.Our Animal Care Specialists ensures your kitty gets plenty of TLC.







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