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Over Night Stays & Day Care Services

  • 1-2 Meals a day depending on your Canine’s   Regular diet
  • Purchase a Snack Pack for your Pup which includes a Kong stuffed with treats or frozen with peanut butter, 1 pig ear or 1 bully stick for only $5.00.
  • Where your dog gets a chance to meet New Friends! Your pup will love an hour each day of supervised fun with other dogs screened for group play.
  • Personal attention and one-on-one fun for your pooch with an Animal Care Specialist.

You want your dog to be healthy and happy all day? We provide a fun lovin’, crazy energy burnin’ tiring your dog out kind of stay!

Groomed for Success

  • Your Pet will enjoy a Luxury Bath & Brush Complimentary of Riverside Kennels when your pet stays for over 7 Days.
  • Is your pet only staying a short time? Ask our Friendly Staff about our Luxury Spay Packages!

Vaccination Requirements

  • Dogs are required to have Bordetella, Rabies, Distember, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus. A vaccine Certificate must be presented.

Overnight Stays


$30.00/ Night


$15.00/night SMALL DOG or Cat

$20.00/night MEDIUM DOG

$25.00/night LARGE DOG  





$10.00/day SMALL DOG 

$15.00/day MEDIUM DOG

$20.00/day LARGE DOG

Riverside Kennels Club Card: Every boarding client receives a club card, every dollar you spend you get Riverside Kennels Dollars back use this money on boarding or treats!

Riverside Kennels Punch Card: Fill this card and get a free nights stay!


Our staff at Riverside Kennels are dedicated to the ultimate care of your beloved family member while you are away. Extra TLC dispensed daily! We look forward to giving your dog the same level of care he/she would receive at home.



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