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Spring is here

Vaccinate & Deworm Your Pets

With the melting snow we start to see cases of parvo in dogs and upper respiratory in cats.  Both these viruses can be caught by just taking your pet for a walk.  Vaccines will help to prevent your beloved pets from getting these viruses.  Check with your veterinarian about your options today.

Worms are also a problem for animals this time of the year. They can be spread by being in contact with feces of other animals including wildlife.  You can get your pet dewormed at your veterinarian as well.  A good protocol to go by is to deworm every 6 months, especially if it is outdoors at all or in contact with other animals.


Why is it important to Spay/Neuter your pet?

  • ›Every year there are thousands of unwanted pets that filter through shelters.
  • ›Unlike dogs that come into heat only twice a year, cats start to
    cycle approximately every 2 weeks in the spring and summer.
  • ›Spaying or Neutering your pet can decrease its chance of getting some form of cancer later in life.
  • ›For most pets it will decrease the likelihood of them running away from home.

 Open Water

  • ›Springtime brings about a lot of changes in our environment.  As the snow melts, so does ice on lakes, rivers and ponds.  This can be potentially dangerous or even fatal for your pet if they venture too far out on the ice.
  • ›Remember to have your pet on a leash when walking near rivers or lakes so you can always maintain control of them.
  • ›Wildlife also starts to appear again and bring with them a virus called giardia.  It can be passed to your pet by drinking from streams or water where wildlife urinate.  Check with your veterinarian to see if vaccinating your pet for giardia is warranted.


  • ›As springtime approaches so comes with it pests.  We can start to see cases of animal poisonings associated with rat/mice poison being left out.  To lessen the risk for your pet be sure to not let your pet off your property without you.  Keep them on a leash or harness at all times when off your property.
  • ›Antifreeze is another common poison that can be fatal to your pet.  As the snow starts to melt and water runs in the ditches and on sidewalks so it can carry in it toxins being washed out of parking lots, driveways, etc.  Again make sure your pets are with you at all times so you can control where they are drinking from.  Antifreeze is very tempting especially to cats.

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